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Photo Review – MMS239: Black Widow (Winter Soldier) 1:6 Scale Figure

Today I’m offering a look at the final product of the Hot Toys’ Black Widow 1:6 Scale Figure from Captain America: Winter Soldier. This beautiful figure features a new likeness of actress Scarlett Johannsen as she appeared in the second Captain America movie. She is outfitted in her full body black jumpsuit, belt with holsters, […]

Review – MMS224: Thor (Dark World) 1:6 Scale Figure

Today I’ll be doing a review of the 1:6 scale Thor figure from Thor: Dark World. Released in the U.S. in late July, this marks the third Thor figure to see release from Hot Toys and the first figure from the Dark World sequel (with Thor in Light Asgard Armor and brother Loki not too […]